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damien photoDamien Comerford has been a journalist for more than 30 years, working in newspapers, radio and television in Australia and New Zealand. For a large proportion of those 30 years he has combined the writing side of journalism with TV "vision" to tell the story and also creating some magic in the edit booth. Those skills led to Producer's gigs on a number of high rating TV series such as Mythbusters, Last Chance Surgery, Keeping Up With The Joneses and Missing Person’s Unit.

And that is our key point of difference from other video production companies. Damien has the track record, the skill and the experience to work with clients to create videos that will help companies tell great stories about themselves and their products, communicate more effectively with their clients, attract potential sales prospects to their website and generate revenue growth. Damien is committed to shooting affordable, high quality video and will create a tailor made package to suit your needs.

Based in Rosebery, Sharpimagetv routinely travels around Australia to cover seminars, interviews, making sure their clients never miss an opportunity to promote their brand.

Our team includes highly qualified Cinematographers, Camera operators, graphic designers, Green Screen, Lighting and Audio professionals. Each will bring the latest state of the art equipment to achieve any objective.

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