Effective Video Marketing Strategies

video marketing2Now that you are sold on the need for video to enhance your business, you need to consider some strategies that are going to deliver results. Here are five important points that we have developed that you might want to consider.

1) Define your top business priorities. Business leaders need to determine their key challenges that can be addressed with video. Do they need to increase or improve customer interaction? Do they need to cut overhead expenses? Or do they need to ensure their top experts are across several locations? Video can do all of these things. Compile a list of business goals to ensure that video and technology choices can be made to align to meet your company’s needs.

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Is your video drone operator licensed?

cheap drones

Video drones are everywhere, every electronic shop and toy store has attached a camera to a helicopter and called it a video drone. Until they hit a bird, get caught in a gust of wind or fly out of range and crash. Then they are a toy not meant for commercial use.

Yet cowboy video companies put these cheap drones into the air every day above the heads of your guests, staff and property with no thought to consequences. Injuries are happening, property is getting damaged and events are being ruined.

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Unleash the Power of Video Marketing

video marketing

The world is in the middle of the next revolution, a revolution that is changing the way people work. With globalization, most workers can no longer rely on face-to-face communications to get things done. These days, even with the introduction of new technology, people still take longer to effectively communicate or trust each other, which means job satisfaction can suffer.

This next revolutionary phase changing how we work, must create deeper relationships and introduce more effective ways of communication, and with that create a sense of “connectedness” that we’ve been missing. Video is a key element in this shift because it radically changes the way we collaborate and share information with our colleagues and our customers.

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