Unleash the Power of Video Marketing

video marketing

The world is in the middle of the next revolution, a revolution that is changing the way people work. With globalization, most workers can no longer rely on face-to-face communications to get things done. These days, even with the introduction of new technology, people still take longer to effectively communicate or trust each other, which means job satisfaction can suffer.

This next revolutionary phase changing how we work, must create deeper relationships and introduce more effective ways of communication, and with that create a sense of “connectedness” that we’ve been missing. Video is a key element in this shift because it radically changes the way we collaborate and share information with our colleagues and our customers.

As consumers, we are already well aware of the attraction of video. In 2012, video eclipsed all other data as the majority of consumer Internet traffic for the first time ever. Here’s something that will really impress. Picture this, 48 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube every minute – or eight years worth of content every day. In fact, in just one Internet minute, Twitter will have 500 new accounts, and four hundred thousand people will have logged into Facebook. All of that in just sixty seconds. Last year, 2015, video traffic on the Internet more than quadrupled. This translates to about 1 million minutes of video sent across the Internet every second of every minute of every day. Thirteen million Australians bought something online. Each one of those thirteen million consumers had an average spend of more than four thousand dollars. By next year, Amazon, which only exists on the internet, will be the world’s biggest department store. We are doing pretty much everything online. Each month, YouTube has more than one billion unique visitors. In fact, if YouTube was a country, it would be the third largest in the world behind China and India. Those are impressive stats.

But they shouldn’t be surprising. Video is expanding across many industries, including manufacturing, high-tech, banking, retail, healthcare, government and education. A majority of Fortune 500 companies are using video to cut travel costs, scale resources and expertise, and provide a more engaging level of customer service.

The question today isn’t “why should we use video?” Instead it is “How can we use video? And how do we make it persuasive?” Businesses must find the right approach for their organisation, identify where video can add the most value, and then think through a creative architecture for video so that technologies can integrate and work together. Video is 53 times more likely to rank higher than text in Google searches because people prefer to watch rather than read.

That might sound like a big ask, but with challenge comes a tremendous opportunity. Internet Technology can become a valuable, strategic advisor for business, by directly impacting on how it functions, such as marketing, Human Resources, and how organisational communications perform. Video can enable IT to improve internal productivity and overall business growth.

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