Is your video drone operator licensed?

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Video drones are everywhere, every electronic shop and toy store has attached a camera to a helicopter and called it a video drone. Until they hit a bird, get caught in a gust of wind or fly out of range and crash. Then they are a toy not meant for commercial use.

Yet cowboy video companies put these cheap drones into the air every day above the heads of your guests, staff and property with no thought to consequences. Injuries are happening, property is getting damaged and events are being ruined.

This is why the Government has stepped in, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) have introduced the UAV Operator Certificate for drone operators.

Before you book your video drone, ask if they are Certified, and if they are not, they are probably breaking the law.

This is why SharpImageTV today announce their “flying high” corporate video package. You get up to 2 hours of drone footage of your event or venue, in full high-definition video. Our drones are military grade, and our operators are fully trained and certified by CASA.

You now have amazing aerial footage that will set your corporate video apart from the competition, legally, and with total peace of mind.

Call Damien today on +61 0410 559 221 for a site-specific quote. 

Here is a sample of a Corporate Video produced for One Central Park, that included some amazing and distinctive aerial footage.

One Central Park Corporate Video with Drone Footage

One Central Park from on Vimeo.